About Us

Innovation for
Animal-Free Test Technologies

OMICA Cell is leading the way in innovative and sustainable alternatives for the cosmetic, pharma, and medical device industries. Our cutting-edge technology and commitment to excellence allow us to provide solutions that are both effective and environmentally responsible.

Who we are?

OMICA Research and Innovation is a company dedicated to developing and producing animal-free test technologies.

Our primary focus is on creating innovative and ethical alternatives to traditional animal testing methods.

OMICA Research and Innovation (OMICA R&I) was founded in January 2020 through the support of the TUBITAK 1512 BIGG program. The company focuses on offering services related to animal-free test platforms, specifically specializing in the development of in vitro test systems known as Omica Cell.

These innovative test systems are designed for conducting skin irritation tests in accordance with the OECD 439 test protocol. Omica R&I’s primary objective is to provide reliable and ethical alternatives to animal testing methods, contributing to the advancement of scientific research and the development of safer products.

OMICA Research & Innovation at a Glance

OMICA Cell is product of OMICA R&I which develops and produces ready-to-use non-animal testing platforms for local and global markets.

OMICA R&I has a multidisiplinary research approach to discover the unseen part of the great ideas.

OMICA R&I services help to achieve by developing great ideas from the lab to the market.

OMICA R&I focuses to develop your claims based on in-house test methodology or international standard methods.

OMICA R&I provides wide range of testing and research services of: cosmetics, cleaning products, water, hygienic and sanitary products (like diapers, toilet paper, etc.).

OMICA R&I tests standard products, custom designed products, household and industrial products.

OMICA R&I collaborates the global research laboratories for different analysis such as environmental test, claim-based test, dermatological test, allergy test, challenge test.

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